Prof Glyn Humphreys (1954 - 2016) is the founder of Cognition Matters and the driving force behind BCoS. He has made enormous contributions to the field of cognitive neuropsychology and clinical neuroscience. His nurturing and inspiration has impacted on countless individuals in the academic and clinical world. To recognise his generosity, we currently make available the training videos as a free resource, alongside the free replacement examiner and examinee booklets, for the BCoS community.

Following a brain injury such as a stroke, people often experience a range of cognitive problems in addition to difficulties in motor function.

Cognitive problems may include language difficulties, memory loss, and an inability to respond to the environment through words or action, and difficulty thinking through and dealing with everyday problems These cognitive problems strongly influence how well people recover after a stroke. However patients are not routinely screened with the appropriate tools to detect these cognitive problems.

Enabling cognitive assessment and improving rehabilitation for individuals with brain injury.

To maximise rehabilitation after a stroke, head injury or degenerative change, individuals would greatly benefit from comprehensive assessment by trained professionals.

Led by a team of experts in cognitive neuropsychology at the Universities of Oxford and Birmingham, Cognition Matters is supported by a network of international health professionals, therapists and psychologists.

Our combined academic research and passion for improving the recovery and rehabilitation of stroke survivors and those with brain injury as a result of head injury or dementia is at the heart of our social enterprise.

Cognition Matters promotes:
  • Awareness of the cognitive effects of stroke, brain injury or dementia
  • Comprehensive and inclusive assessments for all individuals with brain injury
  • A community of people working together to improve the assessment and care of individuals with brain injury
To ensure that we meet the needs of individuals with brain injury, their families and health professionals we offer:
  • Validated cognitive assessment for all individuals – especially tailored to cope with problems in language and attention
  • Comprehensive tools to identify both the abilities of an individual and the challenges they face
  • Training for healthcare professionals
  • Development of rehabilitation programmes informed by our comprehensive assessment results

Whether you or a member of your family is a stroke survivor, has received a brain injury or has dementia, or if you are a health professional looking to improve the quality of life for your patients, then please fill in our contact form to find out how we can support you.