Following a brain injury such as a stroke, people often experience a range of cognitive problems in addition to difficulties in motor function.
Cognitive problems may include language difficulties, memory loss, and an inability to respond to the environment through words or action, and difficulty thinking through and dealing with everyday problems These cognitive problems strongly influence how well people recover after a stroke. However patients are not routinely screened with the appropriate tools to detect these cognitive problems.

What is BCoS?

BCoS is an hour long test for the comprehensive and efficient screening of cognitive functions.
Carried out by trained health professionals the test screens a range of cognitive abilities including attention, executive functions, spatial awareness, speech and language processing, action planning and control, memory, and number processing.
The assessment provides an early unique profile for health professionals regarding the cognitive abilities and challenges of each patient. This ensures that treatment and care planning can be targeted most appropriately for the best long term outcomes.
Through research studies supported by the Stroke Association BCoS™ has already been used to successfully assess over 1000 stroke survivors in the West Midlands. We now look forward to improving the lives of many more such individuals nationally and internationally.

Who is BCoS for?

The test has been designed to be highly inclusive and as such is an optimal tool for most stroke survivors regardless of the cognitive effects of stroke. It is also applicable to individuals with brain injury or dementia.

Accessing & Purchasing BCoS

Health Professionals : For the BCoS tool to be most effective for every patient we strongly advise that you undertake BCoS training to become an accredited assessor. You can purchase the tool at a discounted rate when bought as part of your training course.

Stroke Survivors, individuals with brain injury or dementia : If you or someone that you know is a stroke survivor, has a brain injury or dementia, and you would like to find out more about BCoS and how you can access the assessment, then please fill in our contact form and we will be in touch to see how we can support you.


"This is an important collection of stroke-appropriate cognitive testing materials and represents state-of-the-art cognitive neuropsychological theory put to clinical use. BCoS will be especially valuable in helping patients and family members understand the consequences of a stroke, it will foster communication about cognitive difficulties with the patient’s carers, and will support the identification of rehabilitation strategies."

Andrew Bateman
Oliver Zangwill Centre for Neuropsychological Rehabilitation